Jäätymispiste / Freezing Point


9 thoughts on “Jäätymispiste / Freezing Point

      1. Hey … I wanted to ask you [because I’ve written some blogs about the issue] … are many of all these Internet-/computer words being adopted in Finnish? In Swedish, the influx of English is immense…


      2. Oh, yes! ”Unload, toast, enter, shift, click” and so on. We spell and write them in Finnish way, and we have often also translated equivalents, but they are not so popular… (was this you wanted to ask?)


      3. Yes, exactly! Many of them, they write the way they’re pronounced in Swedish too [mejl for example]. The worst example I read in a Swedish computer magazine the other day: They wrote about a new service which is hosted in Finland, but they couldn’t come up with a good word for «hosted» so they wrote: ”Servern är hostad i Finland” (!)

        The reason I was curious about this, was that I always had the impression that Finland was more restrictive about importing new words… I wonder what it’s like in Iceland..


      4. We have also mail as ”meili” and ”meilata” and server as ”serveri” though server is in Finnish ”palvelin”. Languages are changing…


      5. Huomenta! 😉
        Yes … languages always change — the only difference is perhaps, that with this … the web … it has happened so fast!



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