Macro Monday 7.7.



11 thoughts on “Macro Monday 7.7.

  1. This is a fantastic shot, Pike! My guess it is catepillars eating those leaves, for I recognize the pattern. I think. Don’t take my word as gospel truth. Japanese Beetles do the same thing, but I don’t think they go after this type of leaf. Again, I could be wrong. xx Amy


    1. Thank you, Amy! You can be right. I don’t believe we have Japanese Beetles. I haven’t seen anything, but I suppose that it is some kind of ”worm”. It or they have eaten many leaves of different trees or bushes near that place. Nice lace, but not so nice to photosynthesis…


      1. Yes, a catepillar came to mind right away when I saw the lace. And yes, you are right …. a bit difficult to photosynthesis through all the holes. Makes for a beautiful photo though. 🙂 Love, Amy



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