Yhden päivän lähimatkailua / Local Tourism in One Day (1)

Tervapääsky is a little Garden Café at Sääksmäki village. The owners want to keep the house open during July. They offer delicious pastries with cafe or tea. In the garden there are only old and traditional plants that fit the spirit of the place.

I presented the place last summer: http://artkorppi.com/2013/07/14/tervapaasky-puutarhakahvila-saaksmaella/


8 thoughts on “Yhden päivän lähimatkailua / Local Tourism in One Day (1)

  1. GORGEOUS, Pike !!!- you lucky things, you Finns, to be able to drop in on such a place. How lovely are these shots, too. Thank you !!!


  2. What a beautiful little place and the cake looks delicious!! I recognized the teacups and they look just as pretty in black & white as they did in colour 🙂



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