Local Tourism in One Day: 2. Voipaala Art Center

Voipaala manor, the main building and park.

Voipaala manor, the main building and park.



” – – – Voipaala, situated at the foot of the Rapola Ridge, was transformed from a village into a manor in the 17th century.  The mansion is set in a two hundred-year-old baroque park. The main building  of Voipaala Manor, completed in 1912, today house is an art centre.  The Sääksmäki library with its extensive collection of poetry is also located here. 

Open all year round.

Entry 6 / 5 / 1 €. Guiding 30 euros/group.- – – ”

This text is on the website: http://www.valkeakoski.fi/portal/english/tourism/sights/

The place is quite near the garden café we were in the same day, and both places are near Sääksmäki church.


4 thoughts on “Local Tourism in One Day: 2. Voipaala Art Center

  1. WONDERFUL !!! I love the feather statue ! I see that there’s an ancient hill fort being reconstructed in the grounds of this marvellous place ! – now that’s what I call making good use of a property … That method of … ahh … ’dovetailing’ (?) the beams is amazing !



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