Keskikesä / High Summer


In my mind high summer means open waterlilies and flowers of lime trees (lindens)… and – it’s too soon over.


13 thoughts on “Keskikesä / High Summer

  1. Can you explain to me, please, Pike ?: it’s only the final photo in the gallery that seems to be a sunny day … was the sun behind cloud, and came out before you shot that one ?


    1. You are right, it was cloudy and rainy day. There was a bit of dry weather between and cycled to the lake shore. The yellow waterlily was taken on another day… It’s a pity I have no boat to go nearer.


      1. Ah. [M-R smiles]
        I am pleased with myself. But I should’ve known that your photos were showing exactly how things were …
        Thank you, Pike !


      2. I am not satisfied with the photos of my telephoto lens, husband says that it always requires a tripod, but that I can not carry, after all. I should have to swim… 😦



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