Sunday Evening


I noticed at last, that I can’t use the name ”Silent Sunday” anymore, I’m sorry if I have offended anyone when I have used it without knowing it’s wrong! I’ll stop also using ”Wordless Wednesday”, because I don’t know what’s required, even its origin. ”Floral Friday” name I gave up too, because I wasn’t able to add my name to the list. And the ”Macro Monday” was long on the list of my sins. Sorry, you must know so many things when ”blogging”. Have a happy week!


17 thoughts on “Sunday Evening

    1. Nothing wrong with titles, no. And challenges are nice. Perhaps it dues to my too little knowledge in English that I don’t understand every rules… but never mind … don’t use them any more, I’ll just post photos. 🙂


  1. I’m puzzled too as to why you can’t use those terms. They are copyrighted expressions? There is a blogging police that says you can’t use some titles? Poo.

    Your photos are still breathtakingly beautiful so you are still the winner from my perspective 🙂

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    1. Nobody has said anything, this is my own problem. I don’t know how to link or follow or comment blogspot or some other than wp-blogs, so let them be. WP-challenges and Cee’s challenges are clear, I’m happy with them. 🙂

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  2. I’m intrigued that you can’t use these titles. Who says? How did you find out? I’m probably in error as well with Magic Monday and First Friday and Take Twelve but I’ve not been told I’m wrong by anyone and what is the list you tried to join? Is there a ’blogging police”, seems a bit crazy when all we want to do is share out images.
    I do love following your blog, no matter what you call your titles.


    1. I haven’t seen or heard any ”blogging police” 🙂 First of all, about a year ago, I tried to find out Wordless Wednesday Challenge, etc., whether people linked their pages somewhere on the main page, but I could not find anything like that and I thought that they can be used by anyone. Of Silent Sunday found instructions and logo, but I did not notice linking. Floral Friday’s I mailed once, but the relinking failed, so I finished it, and I stopped Macro Monday’s when I found linking. I’m not saying that the linking or relinking is bad, I’m just can’t do it.


      1. Thanks for clarifying, Pike. Just too hard if the links fail or don’t work which spoils the purpose of using the titles.

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  3. I have a suggestion for you, my amazingly talented friend: ”Sunday: Silent”; ”Wednesday: without Words”; ”Friday: Flowery”; and ”Monday: Making Macros”.
    There. You can tell anyone who carps about those to take a running jump/

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