WPC: Achievement

I accomplished what I had hoped. As time went by, I lost the same things. Small or large losses are following large and small achievements, in the end. Life is like that, at least in my life. Of the moment, the day, the year of achievement we can rejoice as it occurs. The memories, pictures, writings are remaining…

Saavutin, mitä toivoin. Kun aika kului, menetin samat asiat. Suuria ja pieniä saavutuksia seuraavat suuret tai pienet tappiot, lopulta. Elämä on sellaista, ainakin minun elämäni. Saavutuksen hetkestä, päivästä, vuodesta voi iloita sen tapahtuessa. Jäljelle jäävät muistot, kuvat, kirjoitukset…




16 thoughts on “WPC: Achievement

  1. I simply love this. I can’t think of more to say about it, because it’s entirely self-sufficient as a photograph: it doesn’t NEED anything to be said about it.
    And I love your intro, too. How come your English is so good, Pirkko ?


    1. Thank you, M-R, for your beautiful comment. And for couraging my English! I use Google to translate, and then I’ll try to ”improve” it. Before I read books in English, for instance Agatha Christie, D.H. Lawrence and textbooks of biology, but not for a long time.

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