One Four Challenge: Nov Wk 3

The third week in Robyn’s One Four Challenge. I  changed the original photo to sepia and removed saturness. Then added a layer, doupled the first layer and blurred it (like a shadow) and left it there and reduced transparence (50). Then the picture was ready. I use Photoshop, because I have used it so long at work. (But the day may come, when I must move to cheaper or free programs…)


All three weeks:


10 thoughts on “One Four Challenge: Nov Wk 3

  1. Pike this is gorgeous!!
    As a tactile person, I feel like I can just reach out and touch that little branch.
    Another beautiful rendition and the 3 images look great all together.


    1. We are in the cloud service, we pay every month in order to keep the latest software, but I’m afraid that one day, ”money talks” 😦 But never mind today! 🙂



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