One Four Challenge: Nov Wk 4

The last week in Robyn’s One Four Challenge in November. I’m not sure, what I did, 🙂 maybe I added saturation, added the green, moved to yellow, added saturation, used a brush, cleaned the base, added layers in which I used the rubber, etc.

Information and instructions for One Four Challenge can be found on Robyn’s site:

wk 4

wk 4

All four weeks and original:


15 thoughts on “One Four Challenge: Nov Wk 4

  1. I like this last one best because it looks exactly (to me) as if it’s made from metal ! – brass ? bronze ? Whatever, it’s magical, Pirkko.


  2. Pike, my apologies for taking so long to come over – I love what youve done again this week.
    Each new editing process has been very successful with your image.
    I really love the warmth and colour in this image!!
    A very fun November 😀



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