One Four Challenge – Dec Wk 1

Information and instructions for One Four Challenge and pingbacks to the other players sites can be found on Robyn’s site: Robyn’s One Four Challenge

In December I chose a photo of Kalevala Village Hotel in Kuhmo Finland. I’ll try to get a picture of the four seasons (now spring), but I’m a little unsure of the outcome, let’s see…

The first image I have cropped, altered the colors, saturation and increased the variety of filters, for example water color. Darked edges, used stamp, rubber and blur.



9 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Dec Wk 1

  1. I really like the watercolour painterly effect on this hotel, Pike along with the saturated colours. The black edging I find a bit dark but can’t offer any alternate suggestions. That’s just my view and look forward to seeing the image next week


  2. Hello Pike, I finally made it here 😀
    I like your chosen image for this month and with this first edit, youve really made me think.
    The colours and softness make me feel like Im dreaming – there is something surreal about this edit and I want to keep looking again.
    Success! 😃


    1. Hello Robyn, you have a big job to go through all the people’s work! Thank you for your comment! I think I took too old and simple image, but now I’m trying to pull it in the direction of the unreal, I’m not sure if it succeed. But let’s play… 🙂

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