One Four Challenge – Dec Wk 2

Dec wk 2

Dec wk 2


What did I do? In this month I don’t want to be very truthful to the image. I’ll try to make a little unreal looking result. Now it has to be summertime in my pic (in Finland). I changed colours more summer-type green and on the hill brownish as if the late sun was shining. It didn’t succeed like I’d wanted. Then I had to plant more trees in the foreground (with stamp). Used again watercolor filters, blurring, stamping, rubbing.

Information and instructions for Robyn’s One Four Challenge and pingbacks to the other players sites can be found on Robyn’s site: Robyn’s One Four Challenge


14 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Dec Wk 2

  1. Putting in more trees in the foreground, wow I’ve never done that! Looks good too. Certainly different to Week 1


  2. Hello Pike! 😃 I love that you are playing with this image and giving us different seasons . This one definitely feels summery this week and I like the extra trees.
    Its amazing what we can do with an image. A great week. Whats next? 😀


      1. He he… one of the reasons I like doing this challenge over the week, is we do get a chance to visit – when we are busy 😀
        Take your time Pike and hope youre having a good week, albeit a busy one 😀

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