Luminen Lauantai / Snowy Saturday


22 thoughts on “Luminen Lauantai / Snowy Saturday

  1. Imho, these wonderful wintery scenes are best in colour, which emphasises how the normal colour is drained … These are simply glorious, Pike !!


  2. A nice and cold collection… far (here in our part of the U.K.) we have only had one day of what you would call real frost and less than an hour after dawn had vanished. Last year we seemed to dodge winter so maybe looking at images such as yours will be the closest we get!!


    1. Thank you for your comment, David! Here, it is not certain that the number of days the snow lasts, because it is not a good frost. We have so painfully dark without snow. There have been many mild winters, climate change …? Do you usually have a white Christmas? I have enjoyed your beautiful sceneries 🙂


      1. White Christmas’s are far from the norm here and even in what I would call a proper winter snow does not last for more than a few days. That said two winters ago we did have a severe (for us) winter when snow or frosts lasted for several months which rather had us asking ”what global warming” !! So far this year it is a mild winter with above average temperatures…..we will see.



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