Vanhaa ja uutta vuotta / Old and New Year


15 thoughts on “Vanhaa ja uutta vuotta / Old and New Year

  1. Your last image makes me feel like I am a small animal in the forest peering out to see if the weather has cleared and it is safe to move. I love the perspective in this image and the full embrace of winter. Really a beautiful gallery reminding me how lovely and harsh winter is.


    1. Thank you very much, Carrie! Nice to hear how you felt. I often think of small animals how they get along under the snow and in hard frost.


      1. My boys were given a beautiful book this Christmas about that very thing, called ”Over and Under the Snow” The illustrations are so wonderful and I think I was reminded of this book with your photographs from this post. I can tell, through your images that you think of these sorts of things, its beautiful.



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