Kissa ja lumi / A Cat in The Snow 7.2. / ”M-R’s Challenge”


28 thoughts on “Kissa ja lumi / A Cat in The Snow 7.2. / ”M-R’s Challenge”

  1. Simply WONDERFUL, Pirkko ! – the adorable, beautiful moggy ! I fall in love with cats a million times over when I see them playing like this …
    Is it … ahh … NORMAL for a cat to like playing in the snow, up there ?
    (I re-posted it via my own site, as I want to be sure EVERYONE sees it !)

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    1. Thank you, M-R, upon your request, otherwise I hadn’t photographed the cat outdoors. It is normal for rural cats to move, prey (and play) outdoors in the winter, but the city cats don’t. Our cat is such a recluse that it(she) wants to immediately go out if we have guests or other people. It can be there for hours , even if it’s almost freezing.

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    1. Thank you for your comment! I had no idea that it would be unusual! Someone here in F made a Youtube video in which to the cows barn have been exported the snow and the cows seemed to be excited and ”playing” with snow. It looked fun.

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