Pääkallokeli / Bad Weather

I don’t know whether the other languages, the term skull weather, but it’s in Finnish and it means slippery weather, in which case it’s easy to fell down or run into the ditch.


20 thoughts on “Pääkallokeli / Bad Weather

    1. A good advice, the coefficient of friction… I don’t remember as a child to have slippery problems, were using a lot of felt boots. And winters were colder…??? Of course, the big roads will be salted and to little roads casted sand, when they have time.

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  1. I’ve never heard the expression skull weather, but looking at those road conditions I’d say it was a very good description. Those are very glassy roads … I can’t imagine trying to walk on them without ice grippers.


    1. This winter, so many have fallen and hurt themselves because they were not prepared for the slick weather conditions. They don’t own or use ice trappers. I’m happy you have! 🙂


  2. I’ve never heard of this term, ”skull weather” but it certainly seems an appropriate description. Thanks for battling the elements to get these exquisite photos. 🙂



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