Poissa kotoa / Away From Home


15 thoughts on “Poissa kotoa / Away From Home

      1. OH. Phew ! I thought you’d upped and left Finland for a holiday or something. Helsinki ? – no worries. Did you enjoy the party ?


      2. I can’t ’like’ that. Give me one of your photos and my old age pension continues to be quite enough ! 🙂


      3. I think our old world is totally different than this new world. I’m glad of this community, you can see photos from all over the world and share your own. It’s some kind of radio amateurs or correspondence before. But I don’t know how to approach young relatives.

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      4. I understand quite well! I think, we were too long too far of them, not everyday visiting and nursing. Just like our own grandparents, between us was not born a proper relationship. So, our fault, and a fault of conditions!

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