Opiskelua / Studying / MM-2-12

MM2_12Gaira_writing_ladyp The image is from a small mountain village north-west of Kathmandu for many years before the big earthquake. The village women and girls are studying. The photos were taken from a film camera black and white film. This above is my entry for Monochrome Madness-2-12 by Leanne Cole and Laura Macky.   MM-Gaira_writing_lady_p


9 thoughts on “Opiskelua / Studying / MM-2-12

  1. Such an interesting shot, the lines and patterns, the beautiful subject but also how other people live in another country always fascinates me and holds my attention to your lovely photograph 🙂


  2. Beautiful pics of far away cultures…
    Photographically speaking I noticed the perfection of texture and detailes….
    The women’s hair and skin look as if seen through a magnifier…!



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