Linna – mukava yllätys! / Castle – A Nice Surprise! / 4 (23 pics)


We had no idea that there was International Street Organ Festival FINEST and a charmer parrot MACAW at the castle’s courtyard.

And they all played:



16 thoughts on “Linna – mukava yllätys! / Castle – A Nice Surprise! / 4 (23 pics)

  1. I so appreciate the time you took to put this post together, my friend. I enjoyed every image and I felt the ”spirit” of the festival through them. I hope the younger people are being taught these traditions so that they may live on. Love, Amy ❤

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    1. This was here in Finland 🙂 I think that the grinder lady is from Norway and some are from Sweden. They probably are arranging festivals every summer in different places, which is very nice. We also saw them by accident!


  2. Not just ’parrots’, Pirkko – MACAWS ! Beautiful birds …
    And yes, those street organs are simply gorgeous: what was their music like ?
    You must have had a wonderful day ! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, M-R, I didn’t know! We have a word ”papukaija” for big and small ones, but also ”ara” to big ones that are then ”MACAWS” – such magnificent birds! Street organ music is simple and oldfashioned, old songs, and it comes with some kind of automatics. But it’s entertaining…

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