Sumuinen aamu / Misty Morning (11 pics)


41 thoughts on “Sumuinen aamu / Misty Morning (11 pics)

  1. Incredible shots Pike! Is that a sign that summer is ending there in Finland? I have visited southern Finland in July and light was completely different in the morning. Humidity was around anyway 🙂 Love it there! Greetings from Argentina, Roberto

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  2. The quiet beauty of a fall drenched morning, so beautiful. Love the colors and misty light you captured so effortlessly. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Dear Ninna, thank you very much for thinking me, I’m honoured, but I have decided not to receive any award, because my purpose is only blogging with photos and my artwork, hoping that they interest people. I enjoy ”likes” and comments, it’s enough in this life situation. 🙂


      1. It’s definitely okay! You do exactly as you want. I didn’t see any ”a-no-award-blog” at your blog, so I took the chance. And you deserve an award. No doubt about that!

        I think the same as you! It takes too much time and energy to do those posts and I’m not quite sure what benefit will come out of it. If any. There are easier ways to connect to people. As you say, visits, likes and comments are wonderful to receive, and you can look for new blogs in the reader if you feel up to it.
        But this time I said yes. For once. And I’m still not quite sure of why! I’m crazy! O_o
        Have a wonderful day!

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      2. Never mind, you didn’t find ”Award free blog”, it’s so small text 😀 I agree of awards and saying yes once! Enjoy! Thanks, Ninna, have a happy day, too! It’s raining MUCH here…



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