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19 thoughts on “Careful With Reindeer / WPC

      1. You are so lucky then. I saw reindeer – and the Reindeer People – when I was in northern Mongolia, near Lake Khovsghol. I believe the Sammi people near Finland and the Reindeer peoples of Russia, northern Mongolia, all claim kinship….. it was an amazing experience to stare a reindeer in the eye – and you get to do that as a daily occurrence! Lucky you 🙂


      2. You are lucky to have been in beautiful Mongolia! Perhaps the Saami people came from the norhthern Russia or Mongolia to Finland. In reality I have seen reindeer only once a year when we have Christmas opening here. 🙂

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      3. Hi, I consider myself indeed very fortunate to have been in Mongolia. Amazing place. The Reindeer people – reindeer herders – are a complete other story, and like the reindeer herders elsewhere in the north, and indiginous people everywhere, have been marginalised.. had their cultures stolen and lost their lands. There is a marvellous book, simply entitled ”The Reindeer People”,

        where the author does look at possible genetic but certainly culutral and historical connections between the Eveny peoples of northern Mongolia and the Sammi in Finland and other reindeer peoples of the northern tundra. its an amazing book, highly recommended.

        He also delinates the very very sad story of how the russians came in, occupied mongolia, forced nomadic herders into wooden huts in isolated settlements, and following a generation of killing their culture, ”gave” it back to them in the form of stylised dance mimicries where the ’shaman’s were painted as evil figures.

        The author lived with these people and how he shows the terrible descent into alchohol abuse and crime – not to mention the effect on the reindeers themselves – is enough to make you cry.

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      4. Thank you for your comment, Debbie! It is tragic how often people and nations in power want to destroy other cultures! Also, a struggle is going on in Finland against the Sami people and reindeer herding. Trying to harness the whole of nature merely a donor of benefit and money. I hope that decision makers will come to their senses. Life is beautiful diverse. Thank you for recommending that interesting book. I’ll try to find it.

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  1. HI again – really sad about the Sami people then – such a rich culture. If there are no nomads left, and no wild spaces – what is left of our world? Nomadic cultures live in such harmony with the world. It was a huge honour for me to be able to go to Mongolia and experience nomadic culture, and the extremes of temperatures that these people live in, happily. I’m sure you will really enjoy that book. Thank you for the blog follow, also 🙂

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